DreamJB Is Fake: Stay Classy, Jailbreak Scene


DreamJB is fake. Before today, the man behind the scam promised a jailbreak for the following devices:

Supported devices (6.0.1) : iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad (gen2 and beyond), iPad Mini, iPod Touch (gen4 and beyond)

The program was supposedly using a webkit exploit, similar to some past jailbreaks. This userland exploit would have been quickly patched by Apple, if it was a legitimate jailbreak. ¬†The “developer” behind the failbr3ak made his first mistake when he today posted a supposed demo video, which displayed some strange bits of behavior. It is unclear what exactly he did to fake the video, though there are enough quirks in it in order for it to be claimed a fake. He then proceeded to “release” it early. The download link led viewers to a Rick Roll video on YouTube. Hey, who ever said that trolls were creative?

This isn’t surprising. Failbr3aks often occur during a time of “jailbreak drought,” and they often do receive as much publicity as this one did. Ultimately, though, the fact remains: it isn’t real.

This particular scam is notable in that it brought out the absolute worst of both sides. First is the creator of the jailbreak: he knowingly scammed thousands of people. A jailbreak is something that millions care about, and this figure utilized this fact to his gain. Whether this scammer gained monetarily remains to be seen, though he did win his five minutes of fame. Ultimately, though, that fame is up.


There is another side of this, though. Many displayed a level of arrogance and a superiority that isn’t healthy for this type of community. There is only a relatively small number of people who are truly qualified to speak on the subject of whether or not a jailbreak is technically feasible. Ironically, those same people remained quiet while others took up their mantle in denying the jailbreak’s authenticity. Some went so far as to seemingly suggest that a jailbreak couldn’t possible come from a source that isn’t a well-defined, well-known team. To those people, I say one word: Geohot.

That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t be on guard against trolls such as these. Again, people such as this exhibit some of the worst aspects of the internet. Regardless, the clich√© bit of internet advice holds true: don’t feed the troll.

It’s also a good time to point readers to our handy guide to recognizing a failbr3ak. The guide, though more than two years old, still holds true.

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  1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. ALL prominent iHackers these days NEED help and an update on all the canned exploits, etc. Geohot had an active blog on his progress where he took advice from the iPhone Dev team and co. Comex, Chpwn, and everyone else were helped by the iPhone Dev Team and they never worked “solo”. Your idiocy is only rivaled by your inability to delineate bias from a publication.

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