Poll: Would You Buy the Rumored Apple TV?

In light of yesterday’s discussion regarding what exactly an Apple television would end up being, The Wall Street Journal has today reported that, according to their sources, “Apple [..] is working with component suppliers in Asia to test several designs for television sets.” This is typically how rumors regarding Apple products start. We first hear about them being tested overseas and those rumors are quickly followed by product leaks.

Don’t get too excited yet, though. How exactly a television would fit in Apple’s line up is unclear and products that go to Asia for testing do not always surmount to something material. According to the Journal’s sources, “It isn’t a formal project yet. It is still in the early stage of testing.” Every day though, this mystical device seems to become more and more plausible. We want to know what you think of the much-rumored Apple television, so please feel free to answer the poll above!

[The Wall Street Journal]

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