Apple Knew about Reception Issues

The iPhone 4′s reception problem is getting quite stale, and will hopefully end today with an official response at their press conference. But, a report by Bloomberg claims that Jobs was warned about the reception issue long before the phone was released, but decided to ignore it because he liked the design.

Apple is known for their secrecy over new devices, and this seems to have been their downfall. Since testers couldn’t use the phone normally, the problem wasn’t noticed by 3rd parties until after the phone was manufactured.

In a quote by the Wall Street Journal:

The testing process usually takes a minimum of 14 weeks. However, Apple flies in the face of this norm, handing over iPhone prototypes to carriers with much less time

Apple seems to be abusing their power by not testing as extensively as they should, solely to keep a product secret. This news could also affect the incoming lawsuits, since Apple knew of the issue but chose to “play dumb”.


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