Will You Switch to T-Mobile When It Launches the iPhone?

After countless years of speculation, T-Mobile USA confirmed last week that it would be adding Apple products to its portfolio — including the iPhone — beginning next year. T-Mobile already promotes and offers support for its unofficial iPhone customers, touting its one million plus customers with unlocked iPhones on its network.

Moreover, T-Mobile has noted in the past that it aims to provide a no-compromise iPhone experience on its network. The U.S.’s fourth-largest carrier is working fast to expand its iPhone-compatible HSPA+ network on the 1900 MHz band and, once that network infrastructure is in place, the iPhone should become available on T-Mobile.

To Switch or Not to Switch

T-Mobile offers unlimited data plans for the iPhone that will likely still be available next year, unlike the expensive tiered or shared data plans that carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless offer. And if you’re dissatisfied with those top carriers, there is no better way to prove it than by switching to a smaller competitor.

Better yet, those unlimited data plans apply to T-Mobile’s nationwide so-called “4G” network. It’s actually just HSPA+ that somehow is allowed to be referred to as “4G,” but tests have proven that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network can compete rather effectively with AT&T’s 4G LTE network in terms of download and upload speeds.

Last, switching to a smaller carrier usually means that they’ll care about you on a more personal level. Massive corporations like AT&T with high numbers of users often provide poor customer service and can be a real hassle to deal with. T-Mobile is still an underdog as a carrier in the United States, which is good for the consumer.

Will you consider switching to T-Mo?

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  1. Tmobile sucks. They constantly overcharge us for things we never used and then we have to call them and fight with them just to get our money back that we shouldnt have been charged in the first place.

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