Estimate: Windows Phone Sales Surpass Four Million During Holiday Season

Microsoft launched its new Windows Phone 8 platform towards the end of October in an attempt to make the company relevant again in the mobile space. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has noted in the past that he would be happy if Windows Phone could emerge as a third-place competitor alongside Android and iPhone. After the dismal launch of Windows Phone 7 last year, that was a lofty goal for Ballmer to wish for.

But based on early sales estimates, using methods that have proved accurate in the past, Windows Phone sales might actually be surprisingly high. Based on a recent estimate that involves calculating the number of monthly active Facebook users coming from Windows Phone devices, it appears that Microsoft may have sold as many as 4.24 million Windows Phone 8 devices during the fourth quarter.

Microsoft has yet to reveal any official sales figures for its new Windows Phone lineup, but Ballmer did claim that sales have quadrupled year-over-year. The higher number of Windows Phone sales than many expected can be attributed to Nokia’s flagship Lumia 920 smartphone, which has been in high demand this holiday shopping season.

At this rate, perhaps Windows Phone devices can actually give the iPhone and Android smartphones a run for their money. At the very least, Microsoft is fulfilling its goal of becoming relevant in the mobile space, helping to disrupt the two-horse race that has long existed between Apple and Google. And with BlackBerry 10 around the corner, too, the smartphone industry is shaping up to be quite exciting heading into the new year.


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