How Devoted Are You to Apple?

Apple is an influential corporation that has cultivated a group of followers that is unrivalled by any other consumer electronics maker, nor any company, worldwide.

Apple fanboys, as they are called, are so religiously devoted to the Cupertino-based company, to the point that they practically live and breathe for the company. Perhaps I’m exaggerating somewhat, but Apple does have a rather large cult associated with its name.

The most dedicated group of Apple fanboys are the ones that get in arguments with Android smartphone users, insisting that the iPhone is better. Apple fanboys are always eager to get their hands on the latest iPhone, iPad or whatever new Apple product hits the market. These are the people that you’ll frequently see at launch day lineups for the newest product. The same people that Samsung tries to mock.

All that said, how devoted are you to Apple?

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  1. i love apple because of their events and devices as well. although i don’t have all apple products i am always up to date with the information about it. i just think apple products are overpriced but its a great company that changed my life and many others

  2. Apple fanboys can go die in hell,annoying mofos who insist there shitty iphone is better when they are clearly out-specced by superior android devices,they want the next big thing,android users have the next big thing.

  3. I have a ipad, iphone and macbook. I considered them tools When I get ready to replace them who knows what will be available but I’ll get whatever serves my needs.

  4. I switched to the S3 because the iPhone 5 fell short. I am not committed to anybody, if iOS and the next iPhone that’s available when I get an upgrade is better than anything else that’s available then I’ll get it.

  5. I was committed to apple alot, but not so much now. I hate windows though… basically my iphone 3g needs to go bye bye because they dont keep older app versions on the appstore (along with the new version) so basically if an app gets updated i can never download it again and use it. Its quite frustrating especially since the phone is still good. I’m being forced to update apps, and forced to update my phone because i cant get anything new. They even quit supporting the appstore twice for my phone, but users complained and they made it work again. I would love to be able to get a newer iphone, but i’m a poor college student with bills and needs a new car.

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