Gmail Experiencing Downtime, Chrome Crashing at Random

In the last few minutes, I have been unable to access my Gmail account. Even worse, my Google Chrome browser started crashing at random. Just as I was trying to pinpoint the source of these problems, Matthew Panzarino for The Next Web notes that the issues appear to be widespread. In fact, hundreds of users are tweeting about the same issues on Twitter.

Google’s App Status Dashboard does not currently reflect a service disruption for Gmail, but there is no doubt an existing problem. Fortunately, backend IMAP services still appear to be functional at this time. So if you’re in a mail pinch, you can still use a client over the official Gmail website. There are also isolated reports of other Google services being down such as Docs, Google+ and Google Drive in Chrome. More to follow.

[The Next Web]

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  1. I’m an iPhone developer currently working on an app that contains AdMob ads (Google’s mobile advertising platform). About 5% of the time, my app is crashing on launch when trying to initialize the ads. I’ve never seen it do this before.

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