Customer Orders Nexus 4, Google Sends Him Two

iFans forum member vxspartan117xv ordered Google’s new Nexus 4 smartphone a few weeks ago, receiving it from UPS yesterday afternoon. Just thirty minutes later, however, UPS returned and dropped off yet another familiar looking package. Inside was a second, unopened Nexus 4 device from Google.

After checking both his bank account and Google Play transaction history, the user claims that he was only charged for a single Nexus 4 purchase. Furthermore, upon checking the packing slip, he realized that the second Nexus 4 smartphone had the same order number printed on the box.

The legality of this situation has been greatly debated. Some users view this situation as theft, while others view the second Nexus 4 as an early Christmas gift for the lucky individual. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission does state that one has the right to keep unordered merchandise as a gift, but the examples provided are different:

…You respond to an advertisement offering a free “trial” pair of pantyhose. To your surprise, you receive four pair with a bill.

…You receive a pocket knife that you never ordered. Despite your objections, the company continues to send you notices demanding payment and threatening your credit rating.

Google has not reached out to this lucky customer, who plans on keeping the second Nexus 4 as a gift for his sister. Have you ever received something in the mail that you didn’t order? If so, what did you end up doing with the unordered merchandise? In this case, what would you do if you received an extra Nexus 4 device?

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    • Not to mention they blacked out your address but not your name or phone number, and still kept your last name later in the post.

  1. We had two occasions for pondering your dilemma it was clear these items were not panty hose but silverware and hammacheer schlemmer products each having quite the value both times we immediatly called to report the issue both times it was like pulling teeth to return the silverware we had to actually. start yelling at her to take them back they didn’t want to have any blame for the mistake? Really! So we told them to send the rma and we are still waiting. the other we ended up sending them back our cost. the silverware… we had thanksgiving so we used them the turkey tasted better knowing we tried.

  2. This happened to me when I bought something on Ebay and I contacted the seller and told him what had happened. The reason is if it happened to me I would want someone to tell me. It’s just the right thing to do.

  3. Hey its fair game. Not your fault you recieved two!
    A friend upgraded to a iPhone 5 at contract price, but was never locked into the contract; so he went and upgraded to an iphone 5 again at contract price and sold the first one… Made money and Got a free iPhone 5 out of it..

    after he did it he called Apple and ATT and they both said it was legal, although messed up.
    You get to benefit from a companies mistake (they are all about money anyways!)
    Good for you!

  4. 1 year a huge box of goods arrived with my addressed order. Same situation as OP but it was more than I ordered. I was curious so I called Macy’s they said it was a mistake and as a courtesy I could KEEP EVERYTHING (extra Sony Bloggie and very nice winter scarves). I checked my accounts often anyways but they never overcharged me. Needless to say I love Macy’s.

  5. Keep it not your fault if it was me I probabaly would of kept it quite now google will know you have 2 give it to your sister or sell it. They would of made the same product code and then 2 separate delivery people picked it up and wouldent of even known and that’s why you got it 30 mins later

  6. I think the person who posted the picture of this situation is a complete dunderhead. It’s too bad because now Google will look into this case and charge you. ahaha. u are dumb, vxspartan117xv.

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