iPod touch, iPad FaceTime to use email addresses

BGR is reporting on a tip from a ‘reliable Apple connection’ is stating that Apple will implement FaceTime into the iPod touch and iPad via email addresses.


There has been rampant speculation that the next iPod touch (presumably to be released in September) would include some form of FaceTime, Apple’s video chat solution. Up until now, though, it has been unknown how it would be implemented. If BGR is to be believed, it will be tied into your Apple ID. Also reported are the use of push notifications; apparently there is a push notification detector tied into the FaceTime frameworks in the iOS 4.1 beta.

Something else I’d like to point out: The original screenshots (viewable here and here) are obviously bigger than the iPod touch’s current resolution of 320×480. Assuming these screens are taken from an iPod touch G4 prototype, I think we have some retina display goodness to look forward to. Captain Obvious? Perhaps.

One more screenshot after the break.



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