Draw Something Pro: Zynga’s Desperate Attempt to Reboot a Fad

Draw Something Pro has been released for iPad. Yawn.

In case you’re wondering, Draw Something was that smash hit App Store game everyone loved. You draw something, the other person has to guess what it is. Then its developer OMGPOP was acquired by struggling game publisher Zynga earlier this year.

Since then, the game has been on the decline. For the folks at Zynga, the situation seemed inevitable. The publisher bought the game right as it peaked in popularity, but the number of active users on the game has since dwindled in what has arguably become the biggest App Store fad of 2012.

While a number of users stopped playing Draw Something once they discovered that Zynga had got their greedy hands on the game, others stopped doodling because it simply got boring.

Draw Something was fun at first, but it’s too repetitive and dull to provide much replay value. Plus, the concept of having to pay for additional color palettes and words to draw is a fairly ridiculous concept. As a social game, Draw Something just wasn’t all that exciting. It lost its appeal very quickly.

Nevertheless, the folks at Zynga have introduced Draw Something Pro. The game just seems like a last-ditch effort for Zynga to recuperate any losses that it inherited from its acquisition of OMGPOP, by milking the remaining users that care about the game franchise out of $2.99. The only difference with the Pro version is that you get all colors and words unlocked, plus unlimited bombs for making puzzles easier to solve. Oh, and it’s ad-free.

I’ll pass. You?

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