Jay Freeman: ‘Lack of Jailbreak Supply, Not a Lack of Jailbreak Demand’

For a number of years, discussions pertaining to unlocking and jailbreaking iOS devices dominated the iFans forums. But in more recent times, interest in jailbreaking has somewhat fizzled.

And while I do recognize that there has been a decline in jailbreaking interest lately, I stand by my belief that the jailbreaking community isn’t dead. Instead, I agree with what Cydia founder Jay Freeman had to say about the situation:

Cydia founder Jay Freeman (“saurik”)

The real issue is that there is a lack of jailbreak supply, not a lack of jailbreak demand: we currently do not have an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, and on “newer” devices–not just those from the last couple months, but the last year and a half of devices, going back to the release of the iPhone 4S–we currently have no jailbreak at all.

The reality is that no jailbreaking methods have been released for newer iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. A number of iOS hackers behind popular jailbreak exploits have left the scene, too, so the masterminds behind popular jailbreaks in the past are no longer available.

The consequences of not having jailbreaks available for newer devices is inevitable:

Without people jailbreaking, you aren’t going to have developers making new things; hell: the developers themselves might not be able to jailbreak their own devices, which means that they couldn’t build something even if they wanted to do so.

A decline in jailbreaking interest can also be attributed to Apple introducing popular jailbreak features to stock iOS, most notably Notification Center. But there is reason to believe that, if someone can make progress on releasing jailbreaks for new devices, the jailbreaking community can be rekindled again. In the meantime, it’s a boring subject.


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