Do You Have Unlimited Data?

A mobile provider is a for-profit business like all others, so it’s unsurprising that larger carriers have eliminated unlimited data plans entirely or bundled the feature within a plan that is ridiculously overpriced. AT&T, Verizon Wireless and all other carriers will take all actions necessary to increase profits, often times at a disadvantage to the consumer.

I’m fortunate enough to have an iPhone with an unlimited data plan through my Canadian carrier Bell. I’m not supposed to have unlimited data, technically, but I used to have unlimited mobile browsing on my old flip phone and it carried over to my smartphone. My plan is ridiculously cheap — around $35 — and also includes unlimited text messaging, unlimited incoming calls, 1000 long distance minutes, caller ID, voicemail and several other features.

The only downside to my situation is that I cannot take advantage of subsidized pricing offered by carriers. I couldn’t get my iPhone 5 for the advertised price of $199, since my carrier would force me to upgrade to a newer plan that would not have unlimited data. Instead, I had to pay the full $700 dollars or so for the handset. But, over the course of two years, the savings are great. In fact, T-Mobile is going to start following that pricing model next year.

At the same time, I know there are many people that aren’t in as fortunate of a situation as I am. I couldn’t imagine being forced to pay for AT&T’s Mobile Share data plans and, quite frankly, I probably wouldn’t. But, perhaps you have switched to a smaller carrier or have an older contract like I do that you refuse to let go. If you have unlimited data, feel free to share what your plan consists of, how much it costs and which carrier you are with.

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  1. YEP! I still have my grandfathered Unlimited Internet from AT&T! The great thing about is that I still get to upgrade my plan every year and still keep the unlimited Internet.

  2. I have unlimited data on my cell phone and my iPad and this month alone in just 15 days on the iPad I’ve used a 8 GB that would mean that since I had gone over 3 GB it is $10 per gigabyte extra so I would have added an extra $50 to my plan I also have unlimited data on my phone as I said I pay $30 for a limited data I pay $40 for 450 minutes I pay $20 for unlimited text and calls to every mobile cell phone. I will never go to anything but staying with my limited data it’s crazy to switch not worth the savings

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