Square Off: Best iOS Twitter Client

iOS has a strong showing of Twitter clients, even if Twitter isn’t keen on keeping them around. First, there is the stock Twitter client. While the design is functional (it was recently completely redesigned to focus on what Twitter considers to be the most essential aspects of a client), it is also barebones: from the feature set to the UI, nothing feels inspiring or interesting about the app. But hey, that’s exactly what some people like. Plus, it has the advantage of being advertised inside of iOS’ settings app.

The next in line is Twitterrific, which just yesterday was updated to version 5. My full review is here, but I’ll sum it up in one sentence: beautiful, fast, and my choice. The design is fresh and interesting, and the app itself is much faster than previous versions of Twitterrific. The feature set is admirable, though somewhat lacking when compared to the next choice due to it being a complete rewrite of the program.

Tweetbot. It’s a classic, and the Tapbots have maintained it admirably. Tweetbot is probably the most feature-rich client, having various settings and customizability options that are lacking on other clients. The design of Tweetbot is interesting, and fairly divisive: some love it, while others find it heavy-handed and over the top. Still, the client has found a place on many a homescreen.

As mentioned, iOS has no shortage of Twitter clients. There are literally hundreds, and each offers something unique and interesting. So, dear reader, which is the best? Is it Tweetbot, with its plethora of features? Twitterrific, with its smooth and fluid design? Or maybe its the traditional, first-party Twitter app, which is the simplest? Or perhaps it’s something else entirely – sound off in the comments!

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