iOS 7 Needs a Breakthrough Feature, What Should it Be?

While the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch provide an awesome user experience and ease of use, there is no doubt that the iOS ecosystem is becoming rather boring. That’s unsurprising for a mobile platform that is now over five years old, but it seems promising that changes are on the horizon.

With the departure of iOS head Scott Forstall as part of a larger executive shakeup at Apple, it appears that iOS could be headed in a new direction as we lead up to the release of the next major version of the mobile operating system.

I don’t think that Apple should drastically change iOS, as that would disrupt the user interface that users have become so comfortable with using over the past half decade, but I would like to see some changes made to minor elements of the experience.

For instance, perhaps the multitasking bar functionality could be improved. Or further enhancements could be made to Notification Center and Siri, to have those two features better integrated across the iOS platform as a whole. But iOS 7 needs a new feature. Something. What do you think it should be?

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    - NATIVE SUPPORT FOR GAMEPADS, the same way it’s been done with bluetooth keyboards

    - next-gen wireless comunications support, WIFI DIRECT + IEEE 802.11ac protocol that will translate in better performance for AIRPLAY, audio/video without (or at least greatly reduced) lag annoyance between devices

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