Create 3D Paper Figures with Foldify

Foldify may not have one of the most useful of functions, but the app is very well polished. I encourage you to watch the video yourself, but in practice, Foldify lets you easily create small, medium, or large 3D paper figurines using a palette of useful tools. After creating your figure, it’s as easy as a quick print and cut.

One of the big flaws in the app though, is printing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an AirPrint compatible printer. I’m sure the app will have the ability to export and email these creations, but that makes the charm and practicality of the app dwindle. Details are slim right now, but we do know the app is coming to the App store on December 13th.


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  1. You can install one of The free AirPrint plugin on your computer and use AirPrint from App, or just use send PDF option straight from The app

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