Purported Photos of iPhone 5S Already Surface

Just over two months after Apple launched the iPhone 5 in late September, the first claimed photos of the iPhone 5S have now surfaced. The images come from part supplier ETrade Supply, which has shared accurate iPhone 5 parts in the past, and show that the iPhone 5S rear shell is relatively the same as the current iPhone 5 design.

The only differences between the rear shells is the placement of the screw holes for the logic board in the iPhone 5S, in addition to some very minor, subtle changes. The back side of the iPhone 5S has the same anodized aluminum slate appearance as the iPhone 5, which would make sense considering that the iPhone 3G / 3GS and iPhone 4 / 4S looked the same.

The origin of these pictures is unknown, so we are only sharing them in the interest of discussion. We previously heard from the rather unreliable DigiTimes that the iPhone 5S could be released as early as the “middle of 2013,” although we have no other reports to back up those claims. Apple would most likely stick to its Fall release cycle for the iPhone, which has been very successful for the company.


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