Samsung Galaxy Camera: Interesting Idea, Pathetic Execution

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is an interesting product: while Android has been shoehorned onto nearly every electronic device¬†imaginable, Samsung’s Galaxy Camera looked to be the first time Android was going to debut in a useful fashion on a device that wasn’t a smartphone or a tablet. Samsung’s demos of the device made it look interesting, and its specifications sheet rivaled that of a high-end smartphone.

Reviews of the device came out today, and they are harsh. While most reviews gives credit to Samsung’s vision as being interesting and worthwhile, the product itself is slammed. From the high price ($499.99), to the low-quality photos, to the typical Samsung build quality, the camera looks to be a disappointment in most aspects. And while the powerful internals do allow the experience to be relatively fast, they suck the battery dry at a rate that is unacceptable for a camera.

There are questions as to whether the point-and-shoot camera will live on. Many believed that Samsung’s offering could potentially show a path for the forgotten product category that is quickly being taken over by smartphones. Indeed, the Galaxy Camera does show something: that the idea of the product is solid. Taking a smart and connected OS and putting it on a camera with smartphone-like specifications makes for an interesting product. In some ways, it seems that this camera is ahead of its time – we need battery technology to catch up, and the sensor needs to be of higher quality.

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is one of the first products that has legitimately piqued my interest from the South Korean juggernaut in years. While Apple’s legal team accuses Samsung of ripping off the iPhone and Apple’s other products, this Galaxy Camera is a sign that at least some of Samsung’s departments are innovating.

Innovating isn’t necessarily the hard part, though; iterating the product and letting it mature in to something usable by the mass market is. That is the challenge the Galaxy Camera faces.

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  1. iFans is officially down the shitter with posts like this.

    Over-opinionated based on reviews and the worst grammar I have ever read in a front page news article.

    Bring back the old style of the website and piss these writers off.

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