iOS Apps in Folders: Forgotten and Neglected

Last night, as I finally got around to updating a number of apps that had been long queued in the App Store, I realized something interesting about my app usage on iPhone. I discovered that, rather subliminally, I use apps much less after placing them in folders. In fact, I hadn’t played a game on my iPhone in weeks, simply because I forgot that I had about two dozen titles stored in folders on my home screen.

At the same time, my obsessive compulsive nature won’t allow me to simply place all my apps on the home screen. There is nothing I hate more than a cluttered home screen with a wide variety of apps. I like my apps to be organized by category in folders, regardless of the fact that I might forget that I have some useful utilities or fun games to play once in a while. But not having the app icon directly in front of my face definitely results in me using that particular app less. Just food for thought.

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  1. Exact same thing with me. And same thing with the Newsstand or iBooks apps: I am totally forgetting I have interesting magazines and expensive books “tidied” in there. They just disappear.

  2. I have two screens of my favorite apps that are not in folders. I use most of those daily or at least several time a week. Apps that I like having but do not use very often are the ones I put in folders.

  3. I’ve got 5 screens of folders that house all my apps in a very organized vertical manner. For example, 3 folders just chock full of camera apps.(they all seem do one thing very well), 2 folders of photo manipulation apps(same reason as above), 2 folders of music apps, etc, etc,… Just one more click reduces all of the unorganized clutter that even dedicated screens can cause. Maybe the OCD force is strong in this one.

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