Developers, Developers, Developers: Hurry Up and Optimize Your Apps for iPhone 5

If you are a regular reader of my stories here at iFans, you know that I greatly admire my iPhone 5. But one thing that annoys me about the smartphone is app compatibility with the 4-inch screen. I understand that it is important to be patient and allow developers to upgrade their apps for the larger screen, but the process just seems awfully slow.

After two plus months, only a handful of popular apps that I use on my iPhone such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Netflix and most recently PayPal and YouTube have been optimized to take advantage of the extra retail space.┬áMy worry is that a number of the more specific or older apps that I have downloaded from the App Store will never get updated to take advantage of the 4-inch screen; or, at best, such an update won’t come for several more months.

I’m talking about apps that are useful but not that popular, such as Talk Lite, Atari’s Greatest Hits, FlipBook, Tap Tap Revenge and my personal banking app TD Canada. It’s not particularly a huge deal to have a small black bar on the top and bottom of unoptimized apps, but apps look tremendously better and deliver better functionality when compatible with the 4-inch screen.

The good thing is that Apple does not make sudden changes of this nature very often. The first five generations of the iPhone had 3.5-inch screens, so it’s highly likely that whichever device follows the iPhone 5 will still have a 4-inch display. By this time next year, the App Store will have a much better selection of apps that measure 4-inches diagonally. I can handle the wait. You?

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  1. There are apps that aren’t even optimised for retina displays yet! Who knows, maybe in a few months more Apple will set a deadline for devs to optimise their apps for the 4inch screen or they’ll get kicked out… Didn’t they do something similar for developers to – at least – make the icons for their apps retina-compatible?

    • Actually that was some time ago. Now almost ALL apps are optimized for the Retina. But not for the iPhone 5 though. You got a point in that.

      • Yeah, I remember :P I still have (or well, had), games that weren’t updated for the retina display, and they weren’t shabby games either… Sonic, Crash Bandicoot Racing… And a few others that only updated their icons and nothing else… I eventually just eliminated them though because they looked too ugly.

        But my point is that Apple could do this deadline thing I guess… Only reason I can think for them not to do it is that it can back-fire if there are plenty of old apps that developers just don’t care about updating anymore.

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