YouTube for iOS Finally Updated

At long last, YouTube for iOS has been updated. It was just a couple weeks ago that we were asking where it was, and now, it’s finally here. The biggest changes you will see in this update are support for iPhone 5 and iPad, and a revamped UI similar to what we saw earlier today with Gmail. Moreover, Google has added AirPlay streaming to the app allowing you to shoot whatever is playing to any AirPlay compatible device. At long last, after years of being a locked down part of iOS, YouTube is here in all of its glory and available now via the App store.

With the release of YouTube version┬ácomes a big advantage — Google now has complete control over the app’s future. As we all know, YouTube was a native part of iOS up until the release of iOS 6. With the release of iOS 6 came many disappointed users, who’s complaints Google quickly tried to quell with the release of the first edition of the YouTube app on the App store. It goes without saying that the app felt half-finished and rushed to release, and that’s because it probably was.

When Apple decided to remove YouTube from iOS, they gave Google the power to control and update the app themselves — a task that previously had to be done through the long and tedious process of an update to iOS itself. You probably noticed that between version 2.0 of iOS and when YouTube was removed in iOS 6, the app changed very little. Updating it as a part of iOS was a long process, but now Google can do so on their own terms, just as they have done today.┬áThe update is available now on the App store for the cheap, cheap price of Free.

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