Your iPhone Shouldn’t Look This Bad After Two Months

I have neglected to use a case on my iPhone 5 since purchasing it on launch day, simply because I value the design of the handset that Apple has so meticulously curated. The thin, anodized aluminum design of the iPhone looks and feels great, while it’s also lightweight and durable. At the same time, the aluminum is prone to scratches depending on how it is handled. Depending on how it is handled.

Even without a case, I have yet to scratch or scuff my iPhone 5. I’ve heard horror stories of just how easy it is to scratch the smartphone, but I suppose my device is virtually scratch-free because I know what the consequences will be if I don’t handle it properly. I take care of my iPhone. I’ve learned from countless scratched iPod touch models. Nevertheless, some people just can’t seem to keep their Apple devices in pristine condition.

Sam Biddle for Gizmodo appears to be one of those people. For some reason, his iPhone 5 looks like it has been used as a street hockey puck after just two months of usage. There are scratches and dents all along the edges of his iPhone, wearing away the black matte design and exposing the true aluminum underneath. Moreover, a corner is damaged on the iPhone from the impact of being dropped. Overall, his phone looks like crap. It looks two years old, not two months. 

While I do agree to a certain extent that an iPhone or other consumer electronics will experience normal wear and tear — including scratches and scuffs — there’s no reason why Biddle’s iPhone should look this way after just two months. The only reason his phone is so damaged already is because he’s clearly being too careless with how he treats the device. It’s not hard to never drop your iPhone. It’s not hard to put your iPhone in one pocket and your keys in the other. These pictures just puzzle me.


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