Push Notifications: Keeping you in the Loop

In a reply to my semi-controversial editorial, forum member Jug has decided to write an opposing piece, arguing that the notifications are simple, simplicity is better.

A point in the “con” article of this is the intrusiveness of the notifications. Android’s notifications appear on the “status bar” and let you choose whether or not you want to respond. I have two points on this matter:

Is this not the same way Apple does it? They give you an alert letting you know that the application has an update, and you can choose to acknowledge it or not. Simple. Also to access the notification on android you swipe down the status bar, and tap on the notification in which you want to respond to. Is this really a big issue compared to simply tapping home and then tapping on the application? Seriously. It requires the same amount of energy to do so.

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[Push Notifications: Keeping you in the Loop]

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