Gmail iOS App Reaches Version 2.0

The Gmail iOS app has not been very widely accepted as a better alternative to the built-in Mail app, but Google hopes to redeem themselves with today’s release of Gmail version 2.0. The update is currently said to be propagating through the App store, and should become available in your region before the day is over.

New features coming to this version of Gmail include a completely revamped UI, profile pictures within emails, and — at long last — multiple account support. If anything, the native iOS mail app has always done multiple account support well, and having to switch between multiple apps to check email has kept people away from the Gmail app in the past.

The new design follows cues from Google’s new sleek and white look that you see elsewhere (like in Google Now). Notably, the feel of the app also seems similar to the experience found in Sparrow, a well-reviewed email client that Google acquired earlier this year. While Sparrow is still available on the App Store, Google has said that the app will no longer be receiving new features. As good as Sparrow may have been, it will probably slip into obscurity as Google continues to improve their own Gmail app.


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  1. Sweet. One thing missing in Apple’s iOS mail is access to chat logs. As for the rest, sometimes it’s nice to use 2 separate apps rather than break your email draft to look something up.

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