iPhone 5 Most Searched Gadget in Bing and Yahoo for 2012

The iPhone 5 may have only been released in September, nine months after the year began, but it was still able to become the most-searched consumer electronics product for 2012.

Bing, which powers Yahoo search, shows that Apple is doing quite well in terms of having their products searched for across the web. In first place on Yahoo’s year in review for consumer electronics is the iPhone 5, followed by the iPad and the Galaxy S III. Various other Apple products also made the list, including the iPod touch and the iPhone 4S. In fact, according to Yahoo, the iPhone 5 was the second most-searched term  in the US , only being beaten out of the top spot by election-related searches.

This relates back to the whole idea of Apple’s marketing of its products. Apple spends, comparatively  very little to market its products. It surprises many when they find out that Samsung spends exponentially more money on marketing than Apple does. And yet, Apple is able to outperform Samsung in search traffic, as well as in various other ways. It is interesting to see this; it seems that money can’t solve all of Samsung’s problems, at least not in terms of marketing.


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