Do You Think Windows Phone Can Become a Legitimate iPhone and Android Competitor?

Microsoft launched Windows Phone a few years ago as a much improved successor to its previous Windows Mobile lineup of mobile phones. Windows Phone is a true mobile operating system for smartphones. Windows Mobile, at best, was an also-ran platform; although, it did have respectable market share during its time.

As much of an improvement as Windows Phone is, the launch of Windows Phone 7 did not garner significant attention. The platform was released over three years after the iPhone and Android smartphones had been on the market, giving Microsoft a huge gap to chase. To this day, it still lags behind significantly in what is still a two-horse race in the mobile space.

While both the iPhone and Android devices continue to dominate the smartphone industry, do you think that Windows Phone can become a legitimate third-place competitor? Windows Phone does offer some unique and intuitive features such as Live Tiles, alongside an emerging Windows Store app ecosystem, so it’s possible that the Microsoft platform could take off.

Moreover, the Windows Phone devices available on the market look great and have powerful hardware specifications. Both the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X are flagship Windows Phone smartphones available this holiday shopping season, and they’ve both seen respectable demand; at the same time, it’s hard to gauge exactly how much interest the devices have garnered due to supply shortages and constraints.

What are your thoughts on Windows Phone?

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