AT&T Serious About Improving Network

AT&T has spoken out about their network’s quality, and they seem very serious about preparing for the data needs of the future. AT&T says that their efforts the make their network better has been limited by a shortage of components, and because of the rapid influx of new phones and technologies, the usual methods of testing have “broken down”.

“I’ll tell you the things it’s not been,” Donovan said. “It’s not been capital, it’s not been conviction and commitment.” AT&T “will move heaven and Earth” to meet its customers’ growing data needs, he said.

Over the next few years, every mobile network will need to make huge improvements in order to meet the demands of next generation smartphones. With Apple pushing services like FaceTime and movie streaming, which require massive amounts of bandwidth, the networks need to be able to keep up. A move toward 4g tech like LTE will help, but if Moore’s Law stays true, then companies will need to start working on 5g speeds soon.


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