Appvent Calendar Day Four: Cuatro

It’s day cuatro of the iFans Appvent Calendar! Fittingly, today’s app is Cuatro from developer Night Leaf.

“Simple and addictive. Cuatro is an awesome new word game that will snare you with its simplicity and challenge you as the grid fills and you run out of options. Create four letter words to score points and keep the grid clear, but watch out as over time the trickier letters dominate and vowels become scarce. Tap the in-game score to watch yourself climbing the ranks with each correct word!”

15 promo codes are available today, but you only get one if you’re one of the first 15 comments that contain the keyword. Every day of the event, there will a keyword located within the post that you must find and include within your comment before you can win. Good luck!

Today’s keyword is a living thing, and also a three letter word located within the app’s icon.

Please remember to read the giveaway’s Official Rules if you haven’t yet. We will be randomly posting promo codes in the original contest thread as well, so go there to let us know if you win an app and to tell us what you think of the giveaway! If you like it, remember to share the event on Twitter!

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