Appvent Calendar Day One: Kung-Fu Clash

We’re starting the Appvent calendar with a punch! Today’s app is “Kung-Fu Clash” coming from developer Hugo Bonacci. The game lets you “battle waves of Ninjas, launch massive combos, collect power ups and take down anyone that gets in your way!” The game also features achievements, a “funny story,” and many different enemies to hash and slash with your Kung-Fu skills.

We decided to make the first day of the competition easy on you, but it only gets harder from here! 25 codes are available today — but you only get one if you’re one of the first 25 comments!

Every day of the event, there will a keyword located within the post that you must find and have in your comment before you can win. Today, we’re just going to give it to you. Today’s keyword is “kung-fu” without quotes. Good luck!

Please remember to read the giveaway’s Official Rules if you haven’t yet. We will be randomly posting promo codes in the original contest thread as well, so go there to let us know if you win an app and to tell us what you think of the giveaway! If you like it, remember to share the event on Twitter!

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