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Read all about it!  Your one stop guide to the latest App Store news on iPod touch Fans, combining forum features and gossip with the latest developer disclosures and announcements.  If you have any App Store related news or information you’d like us to consider for this regular article then drop me a PM.

Chillingo have been in touch to let us know their frag fest side-scrolling shooter Inkvaders has hit the App Store at the 50% off introductory price of $0.99. I recently wrote a preview and it’s definitely worth a look in, especially if you were a fan of Zombieville USA.  There’s a preview video out of the upcoming Knights Onrush free spin-off title called ‘Quest For Knights Onrush’ and Chillingo also report that great progress is being made on Kinelco’s hip-hop graffiti themed beta-em-up game Underground. We hope to have a sneak peek of this soon and we’ll report back to you if and when we do.

Luxor finally hit the iDevice yesterday.  A great port of a desktop game and the very first non-Ngmoco app to be featured on the Plus+ network, . The forums are buzzing with generally positive feedback on this one and it’s available for $2.99 now.

The propaganda for Gameloft’s highly anticipated GTA like game Gang$tar hit a crescendo on the forums in the last few days following their Twitter that the game would be out by the end of August. Their rep tells us they are deep in negotiations with Apple, presumably to ensure a smooth launch of this title. Gang$tar is OUT NOW priced $6.99. [App Store Link]

img200986_1522363_A4E_Web_BannerMeridian Digital are busy at work on their 3D zombie survival shooter Alive4Ever in which you take the role of one of 4 distinct characters, blasting zombies, rescuing survivors and searching for vaccines. A nice feature is the 4-person bluetooth co-op mode. Check out the gameplay video here. No release date known but it will be priced at $2.99.

In our newly launched ‘Upcoming Games and App Releases’ forum we’ve seen a host of developers and forum regulars posting up hot news about the latest offerings:  Konami reportedly has Crazykart, a multiplayer Mariocart type game, and Wire Way in the pipeline;  Gameloft are bringing Interplay’s classic Earthworm Jim to the iDeviceMinoraxis are working on a great looking tycoon/management game called Cock-a-Doodle Inc.;  German dev Enter-Brain-Ment are in the process of porting their Somersault PC game;  and smaller indie and mid-sized corporate developers are showcasing their forthcoming features: UMichClock, 2 Block, Flip, Ice Cream Machine & Jumboo.

To round up this news bulletin here’s our regular bargain basement roundup of apps that have seen price cuts and we think are well worth considering:

Finally our tip for the bargain hunters.  If you haven’t already got it then superglue the free App Store tracking app PandoraBox to your springboard and check it each Friday. The recent trend has been heading towards a ‘Freebie Friday’ when some devs are offering top quality paid apps for free for a very limited time as a promotional tool.
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