The Apple User Experience is Worth the Premium Price

There is no denying that Apple products are quite expensive. In terms of the Mac, critics will often argue that you can build an ordinary PC running Windows or Linux with much better hardware for just a fraction of the price you would pay for the latest iMac or MacBook Pro. At the same time, others argue that Apple products carry a premium price because the user experience that is provided is unrivalled. And I have to agree with that latter statement.

Asides from a few missteps, such as Maps in iOS 6, the Apple user experience is virtually flawless. The hardware and software work together in unison so well, to the point that Microsoft is trying to mimic this approach that Apple has been taking for decades. Despite not having top-of-the-line hardware specifications, Apple products like the iPhone and Mac perform very well. Dare I say that “they just work.”

It’s approaching five years since I became an avid Mac user, and I wish I had made the switch to OS X sooner. It’s not just marketing, it’s not just trends. A lot of people buy Apple products because they are easy to use, reliable and have a tremendous ecosystem. I purchased Windows 8 to dual-boot on my Retina MacBook Pro and it’s a confusing operating system that leaves me questioning Microsoft’s approach on so many different levels.

Before I knew it, I was shutting down my Mac and rebooting into the OS X side again. Call me an Apple fanboy, but I agree that OS X is the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. And iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system for many of the same reasons. It’s the reason why Apple is the world’s most valuable company, and it’s the reason why they’re likely going to maintain that position for years to come. The competition just isn’t good enough.


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  1. Call you an Apple fanboy? Okay, you’re an Apple fanboy. :)

    Apple products are way, way, WAY overpriced. They work just fine, but really no better than PC’s. Despite what the fanboys say, they have just as many problems as PC’s, just as many crashes, requiring just as many reboots. They’re not bad machines; just not appreciably better. With a PC I can get twice the power for the same price, and equivalent reliability and ease of use. Apple can suck it. :)

  2. My mom’s 3 year old imac is chugging all the time these days. I’m afraid “mac-rot” is just as bad as “winrot”. As for iOS, my ipad has the same problem after a week of use. I’m going to start killing all apps and rebooting this dumb thing manually every week. Mac OS’s are still unix based and advanced, but they’ve just gotten buggier every release for the past 3 years

    Shame Windows 8 is so bad on the desktop. Mac hardware costs twice as much as PC hardware across the board. Yes, there’s some build quality issues, but not all macs are created equal, and hard drives fail, no matter who you bought them from. Apple just wants you to buy new when a replacement drive has always ranged around $100.

  3. I still have a $900 windows custom desktop from 2004 running perfectly, as well as my own custom built gaming pc I made at the beginning of this year for just <$800 with an i5-2400, HD 6950, 8GB ram (find a mac priced near this with these specs) and a case which will keep much cooler then the rubbish cases macs come in, if I wanted I could put osx on either of these, or one of the 4 of 5 laptops we have in the house (1 of these is a MBP, though it was free), I could do so, and I did put it on one of those laptops in the past, but it honestly wasn't any better then using windows, and the fps in any game I would play fell at least 30%. They are not worth any 'price premium', especially not double the price, the only Mac that may be N exception to this could be the MacBook Air, but that's because ultra books in general are very expensive.

  4. I agree to a certain extent. I agree with the fact that Apple products are overpriced. I agree with the fact that Apple products are for the unorganized and non-tech savvy people. I agree that Apple’s products are really premium, albeit at the cost of not being able to send an image through bluetooth (fucking really?).

    Sarcasm aside, that’s pretty cynical of you to say that iOS is the most advanced operating system. You can’t do much at all with iOS unless you jailbreak it, and that kinda breaks the illusion of an ‘easy to use product’. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Apple (been jailbreaking since cydia was still the installer app) but with all the recent AND ACTUAL revolutionary features Android 4.2 adds, I’m done with iOS.

    Now i’m just waiting for Apple to get it’s head out of its ass and team up with Google for the iPhone 6 running Android 5.0. <—– Would be a fucking killer phone.

  5. This would have to be the biggest biased load of crap I have read in any article and one of the reasons why I have stopped visiting this web site. Today, I decided to come back to it after 6 months to see if anything has improved and still I see the same bull shit being posted on this site.

    I have been building and repairing computers for the last 20 years and I have seen my fair share of faults in both camps. Yes to a degree, all those years ago Apple certainly had the upper hand in stability and performance and why they were workstations of choice for many multimedia content creators, but this no longer holds true today.

    Windows 7 represents the pinnacle of performance and stability and as much as I loathe Windows 8, I have to admit its performance is also of an excellent standard. This is a real credit to Microsoft, considering that these OS’s are required to run on a million different 3rd party hardware configurations where any one of millions of things could go wrong. I certainly don’t see OS X having to deal with so many hardware configs.

    Yes I own a couple of Apple products. I have a 2011 Macbook Pro and an iPod Touch 3G and I love them both and they both perform exceptionally well. But my 2 top spec Windows 7 machines that I built for a fraction of the cost of an iMac also perform just as well and are just as stable as any Mac. They’re also a hell of a lot faster! I would never buy a new Macbook Pro as they’re way over priced. I bought my one year old 13″ Macbook Pro on ebay, in “as new” condition for $500 less than a new one!

    One thing that will go against Apple in the coming years is the monopolistic attitude its taken on. In talking with many customers, most of them are taking a stand against purchasing any Apple products due to the bad press it’s being getting lately due to their agressive litigations against other companies. They’ll have to be very careful as this could do more damage to them than good.

  6. Alright, this is it. When I first came to this website, I had a feature phone, and a third generation iPod. It was my first smart device and the community here was great. But then I got my Android phone and so I began going to android centered forums more and more, though every once in a while I would come back here to see what stories you guys were talking about and what was happening in the forums, as well as following you on Twitter and Facebook, even though you tended to be Apple fanboys, which I can deal with so long as there is a level of fariness. Now, after however many weeks since not checking, I come here and see this. This is just too far. This “article,” is horrible. Four paragraphs of nothing but kissing Apple’s ass. No new products, no specific review. Just yet another day without anything happening in the world of Apple. So you post this four paragraph, unadulterated, ball sucking. Here are a few of my highlights:

    “the Apple user experience is virtually flawless.” – Simply not true.

    “The hardware and software work together in unison so well” – You mean like a computer?

    “It’s the reason why Apple is the world’s most valuable company, and it’s the reason why they’re likely going to maintain that position for years to come.” – Yeah, ok.

    “The competition just isn’t good enough.” – Whatever you say my friend.

    “And iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system,” – This one is completely not true.

    iOS can’t do anything without jailbreaking, and apps have to be written with Apple’s special software requiring a $200 licence. Android is good straight out of the box without root, and if you want root to make it that much better, many OEM’s offer the tools to do it themselves. And apps are written in straight java and xml, in any free or payed IDE you choose, and are publishable to the Play Store with a $25 payment to make an account. Android is based on openness and compatibility. This is especially why I scoff at “they’re likely going to maintain that position for years to come.” Yeah, like that time they were head of the computer world, until Microsoft allowed its software to be used my any manufacturer that wanted it, so the product was cheaper because the company didn’t have to build the machine and maintain an OS, and Apple crashed as a company? Being just as qualified as you to make it, that is my prediction for Apple. We’re already seeing Android surpassing iOS in many ways, and Android is projected to only gain more and more. A few bloggers buying the newest Apple product every year isn’t going to keep the company in business.

    And hey man, thanks for at least trying Windows 8, right? At least you tried it, right? Even though you undoubtedly half-assed it, looking for nothing but how it was different from your cushy Mac OS X, at least you have the ground to say how “confusing,” it is now, right?

    The fact is, the 15.6″ HP I bought for school was ~$1,100. The closest MacBook Pro, which mostly wasn’t even on par, but definitely better in no way(unless you prefer Mac OS X over Windows) is $2,599.00. I don’t know about you, but Mac OS X on a slower processor, slower hard drive, and non 1080p screen is not worth $1,499 to me. With Retina? Mac OS X alone, compared to my HP, will run you $1,949(that’s on a SSD, though still, slower processor). Personally, I don’t think any OS is worth $1,500-$2,000, but whatever. If you have that kind of money, congratulations. That’s what I think in the end. Macs are for people who have a ton of loose money, a desire to feel different, and little knowledge of computers.

    Today I deleted my bookmark, unliked you on Facebook, and unfollowed you on Twitter. It’s been a long time coming I suppose, but this is just preposterous. This was a great forum that helped me when the iPod touch was the best thing around. I had a lot of fun jailbreaking and the what not with this website’s help, but better things have come since then, and ya’ll are slowly falling by the wayside. I see a lot of people in the forums now a days with Android phones in their signatures where there used to be iPhones and iPods, and Mac OS X isn’t even 10% of the American market, yet you continue to post articles like this. Whatever.

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