Remote for iOS Updated Alongside iTunes 11

iTunes 11 was finally released this morning, but with it came an update for its iOS counterpart — Remote. In effect, Remote has always tried to bring a desktop iTunes experience to your iOS device, allowing you to completely control the desktop version with ease. It’s most like iTunes in the iPad version, which has an interface almost identical in style, but the minimalist version on iPhone and iPod touch is useful as well.

Today, Remote was updated to make the app “simpler and easier with new ways to browse your library and see and edit upcoming songs with Up Next.” Also packaged in version 3.0 is a redesigned interface for iPad, mimicking the design changes we saw in today’s release of iTunes 11.

After using the app myself, I must say that I am pleased with its speed in comparison to previous versions. As a daily Remote user, I love to be able to sit in bed while controlling my iTunes library, and today’s updates — both to the app and to iTunes — have made my life just that much easier.

Do you use Remote on a daily basis?

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