Microsoft Surface Pro Coming January for $899, Battery Life Lacking

Microsoft today announced the prices of their upcoming line of Intel-based Surface tablets. The base price is $899, which nets one a 64GB Surface with a Core i5 processor. The Surface Pro features a 1080p display, Windows 8 Pro, one USB 3.0 port, and a Mini DisplayPort. Since it is running Windows 8 Pro and not Windows RT like the Surface RT, it will be able to run traditional desktop apps which haven’t been updated for Windows 8. The base model will not ship with a Type or Touch Cover, which is disappointing given the higher price. The covers are available for another $99, or are bundled with the more expensive, $999 version.

The Surface Pro will be available sometime in January – no specifics were given.

While the price is high, the battery life is relatively low: while Microsoft didn’t give specifics (again), they did reply on Twitter to an interested customer inquiring about the battery life of the upcoming tablet. According to Microsoft’s Surface account, the Surface Pro will have “approximately half the batter[sic] life of Surface RT.” That’s rather disappointing, although we’ll have to wait for reviews to judge the device further.

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