T-Mobile Could Get the iPhone Next Week

Despite a T-Mobile executive stating that the iPhone was too expensive for its network earlier this month, Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig claims that T-Mobile may be set to launch the iPhone as early as next week. Craig notes that speculation is rising about Deutsche Telekom bringing the iPhone to its T-Mobile subsidiary in the United States on December 6 or 7.

T-Mobile has recently rolled out its iPhone-compatible HSPA+ network on the 1900 MHz band, so this move would make sense from that perspective. So while T-Mobile has the network infrastructure in place to support the iPhone on its network, it now rests on the mobile provider to reach a mutual agreement with Apple that both parties find reasonable.

Technically, T-Mobile customers would have already had access to the iPhone had AT&T been successful in its acquisition merger with the fourth-largest carrier in the United States. At the same time, that would have given AT&T an increased monopoly on the market and likely would have forced T-Mobile users to upgrade to more expensive Mobile Share data plans.


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