Tony Fadell: Scott Forstall’s Ousting from Apple was ‘Deserved and Justified’

In a rare interview with BBC, “father of the iPod” Tony Fadell has spoken about the departure of Scott Forstall from Apple and his work at Nest, a new company he founded in 2010. When asked if there was a personality clash between Forstall and himself, Fadell simply claimed that the former iOS head’s ousting from Apple was “deserved and justified.”  Fadell did talk about where Apple is positioned without Forstall.

“I think Apple is in a great place. Actually, if you read some of the reports, people were cheering in Cupertino when that event happened. And so, I think Apple is in a great space, it has great products and there are other amazing people at the company. And I think those people now have a chance to have a firm footing at the company and continue the legacy that Steve Jobs left.”

Tony Fadell was hired at Apple in early 2001 to work on the design of the original iPod ahead of its release. Fadell went on to become the head of iPod engineering in 2004 and eventually replaced the retiring Jon Rubinstein as Senior Vice President of the iPod Division at Apple in March 2006. By late 2008, however, Apple reported that Fadell would be stepping down from his position but remaining on board as an advisor to then-CEO Steve Jobs. The full interview is posted after the break. 


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