Developers: Quickly Create App Icons for iOS and Android

Android and iOS do have something in common: fragmentation of screen sizes and resolutions. While this issue isn’t something that most users of either platform ever notice,  it is something that potentially is a pain point for developers. hopes to help alleviate this. The website features an incredibly simply  interface which revolves around a toaster (upload your image, let it “bake,” and out pops the results). The site takes in an image - preferably 1024×1024, though other sizes do work just fine – and outputs various icons, each with the correct filename for the corresponding platform. For iOS, creates eight icons in different sizes (both retina and non-retina), as well as a retina and a non-retina image used in the App Store. On Android, the site creates LDPI-, MDPI-, HDPI-, and XHDPI-quality icons, as well as an image for use in the Play Store. That range of resolutions covers every device currently shipping with Android.

The tool is an interesting implementation of various web technologies, and seemed rock-solid and useful in my testing. Keeping track of the various icons used in iOS and Android is a problem for cross-platform developers, and this website should be extremely helpful.


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