WSJ: iTunes 11 Arriving “As Early As” Tomorrow

The Wall-Street Journal, historically one of the most accurate outlets for Apple news, believes that iTunes 11 is coming Thursday, November 29th. That’s tomorrow, and it’s just in time to meet Apple’s “end of November” deadline.

iTunes 11 brings about a plethora of enhancements and improvements, including a totally revamped UI and (hopefully) improved performance on both the Mac and Windows. According to various news outlets, Apple delayed iTunes 11 from launching in late October in order to work out various “engineering issues.” It’s unclear what exactly those were, but it is refreshing to see Apple willing to hold off on the release of a product in order to get it up to their typical standards after the iOS 6 Maps debacle.

Get your browsers ready, everyone: iTunes 11 looks to be a landmark release. You can read the relevant quote after the break.

[The WSJ]

This week, Mr. Cue faces a test of how well Apple can keep up in online services with the launch of a new desktop version of iTunes, which is expected as soon as Thursday.

The new iTunes has been delayed a month by engineering issues that required parts to be rebuilt, according to people who have seen it.


The delay comes at a challenging time for Apple. ITunes was a pioneer in digital media, and its share of the paid music download business stood at 64% in the second quarter.

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