Google Continues to Fight Trolling by Adding Google+ Names to Play Store

While there is perhaps no better provider of Internet products and services than Google, the platforms that the company runs have emerged as troll havens online over the past several years. The comments section on YouTube, for instance, is always full of sarcastic, crude or suggestive comments on every story.

To tackle this problem, and better integrate its services, Google recently rolled out a notice on YouTube that encourages users to associate their real name from Google+ with YouTube as a replacement for their traditional username. This method will link real life identities with users on YouTube, which would presumably lead to less trolling because the anonymity of one’s actions is now removed.

As Google has now continued this trend by starting to link Google+ profile pictures and real names with reviews left by users on the Play Store. So the next time one of these trolls goes to troll a developer or musician by leaving a negative review on purpose, the world will know exactly who they are. While anyone can still create a fake Google+ account for the sole purpose of trolling, this move will certainly make those antics more difficult.

[The Android Soul via BGR]

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