Microsoft has Sold 40 Million Copies of Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is off to a respectable, if not staggering, start, with now over 40 million copies sold after just a month. This compares favorably with Windows 7: Microsoft reported two-month sales of Windows 7 at 60 million copies. With the 40 million figure, Microsoft is on track to break the Windows 7 record.

However, this isn’t particularly¬†surprising¬† Windows 8 was both cheaper and easier to (legally) obtain than its predecessor, with Microsoft slashing the prices of the OS to drive adoption, as well as by making it easier to purchase online, and then simply download the OS. Microsoft is trying to drive adoption of its new OS, as Windows 8 has various new features which make it more comparable to the rising stars in the computing world.

The only disclaimer here is that Microsoft didn’t clarify what this number was, exactly: it could be just upgrade licenses, or it could be how many licenses have been sold to both OEMs and consumers, or it could be the actual number of copies that have been installed. Still, congratulations Microsoft.

[Windows Blog]

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