iPhone, Android to Overtake BlackBerry in Enterprise this Year

According to research firm IDC, Android devices and the iPhone will overtake BlackBerry devices this year in the business world. The firm said that Android devices are more commonly being brought with employees to the office, while businesses are buying iPhones “in droves.” IDC tracks both corporate liable and employee liable smartphones, and has summarized both platform’s predicted sales numbers for each.


  • Employee-liable: 87.7 million
  • Corporate-liable: 15.1 million


  • Employee-liable: 37.1 million
  • Corporate-liable: 31.1 million

These speculative numbers translate to Apple’s known reliability, both in the education sector and the workplace. Companies most likely see the iPhone as a flexible piece of hardware that will work for many scenarios, and are confident in it as a powerful mechanism of communication. The numbers also exemplify Android’s popularity as a cheaper alternative as Apple has sold a lot fewer Employee-liable handsets.

BlackBerry sold the most corporate-liable smartphone shipments last year with 22.4 million, but Apple is predicted to pass that number, with Android approaching it. Moreover, RIM’s expected numbers are expected to be far outpaced overall by Apple and Android by the end of the year. Although BlackBerry remains the “gold standard for security,” a smaller number of users and developers are interested in the platform which “hinders its viability going forward.”


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