What Do You Think of Apple’s Maps After Two Months?

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have had just over two months to play with Apple’s new Maps app. The new mapping solution replaced Google Maps in iOS 6, a software update that was publicly released in late September. Over that time, there has been a significant amount of criticism about Apple’s new Maps app and why the Cupertino-based corporation decided Google Maps wasn’t sufficient enough.

Nevertheless, after Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for the situation and even offered alternative mapping services in the meantime, the company has vowed that improvements will be made to Maps over time. Apple has also noted that Maps will automatically improve itself as more people use it, as a cloud-based service. So in the aftermath of iOS maps head Richard Williamson having been ousted at Apple, how do you think Maps fares today? Have you noticed any improvements in your local area?

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  1. Mostly it seems on par with other map apps for iOS, in my opinion. Except that I can’t get voice directions to work on my iPhone4. I thought it just wasn’t part of the feature set, until I mapped a route on the iPad3 and it spoke to me. To this day I have no idea why it won’t talk on the phone, and without it it’s far less useful. Of course, the previous Maps app didn’t have that feature anyway.

    Searching for things on the Maps app is also largely useless, too many completely bizarre results, although I did have one query that returned a whole lot of results nowhere near where I asked the first time but that returned pretty good results a week later, using the same query from the history. So, it is clear Apple is at least trying.

    The traffic data is more or less as good as I get with Garmin and TomTom, which is to say too stale to be useful (in Boston, anyway).

    For the most part, though, I use the TomTom app for navigation to places unknown (especially since it works without a cell connection) and the Google web page for traffic data on my commutes. I will be very happy to get a Google maps app back just for easier access to traffic data.

  2. Have had no trouble at all with the turn by turn feature. Simple to enter destination and acquire route details on my iPhone 4S.
    My home address however is incorrect but I am sure that the coming update will solve the problem.
    The Fly Over feature for cities is amazing and I have looked at many of the cities featured with great pleasure.
    I know that Apple will iron out any of the problems in future updates. It took Google a few year to sort there’s out.

  3. Thanks to TomTom I never had the need for google maps or apple maps, but I tried both of them and apple maps is not that bad.

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