Where’s iTunes 11?

iTunes 11 was originally announced and demoed at the iPhone 5 event, and was slated for an “October” release date. October came and went, leaving Apple to change the update’s release date to some time in “November” with Apple Spokesperson Tom Neumayr saying: “The new iTunes is taking longer than expected and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right.”

The software was originally planned for “October,” and here we are on November 26th, 5 days away from December 1st. Apple is undoubtedly using every minute of the extra time they have bought focusing on the apps’ improvement and usability, but iTunes (especially on Windows) feels clunky and outdated — one of the biggest issues that many hope to be fixed with the upcoming release.

Other improvements to the new version of iTunes include a more iOS-like layout, simpler playlist creation, tighter iCloud integration, an all-new mini-player, and — most importantly —  increased performance. Unless Apple decides that it’s just not ready, we should be seeing the update in the coming days. Cross your fingers! What are you looking forward to most in iTunes 11?

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  1. Le Future New Headlines:
    Apple promised but fails to deliver the update, Apple says it will release iTunes with Dre’s Detox Album.


    Just release the update tomorrow and i will be happy. :)
    otherwise I’m buying a PC.

  2. The PC doesn’t have iTunes 11 ether (at the moment); but it does have Zune, Windows Media Center & Windows Media Player!

    Which are all just awful, why would you do this to yourself?

    - PC User, Too poor for a Mac.

  3. I hope they fix a big issue that effects people who share an iMac. I have iTunes Match for my iTunes account, but my wife can not have it for her iTunes account. In the current version of iTunes, you can’t have two accounts with their own independent Match accounts on the same computer. It’s ridiculous. We would gladly pay for the second Match account, but Apple won’t allow it. The only way around the issue is to share one account, but that’s not practical due to the size of our collections.

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