Samsung Has Sold 5 Million Galaxy Note II Smartphones

Samsung released its larger than ever Galaxy Note II smartphone in late September in South Korea, while the handset debuted in the United States towards the end of October. And now, just over a month following that stateside launch, Samsung has reported sales of 5 million Galaxy Note II units. While it took Apple just three days to sell over¬†five million iPhone 5 devices¬†during its launch weekend, it’s still impressive that Samsung has been able to match that figure with its 5.55-inch Galaxy Note II smartphone.

Samsung has proven over the past few years that it is more than capable of releasing genuinely competitive Android smartphones alongside the iPhone, especially when considering its widely successful Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. It’s a shame that the legal war between Apple and Samsung is still ongoing, as both companies have been experiencing record-breaking sales and phenomenal success as the holiday shopping season is at full swing. At this point, it seems like both companies need to call a truce, focus on innovation and keep the momentum going into the new year.

[Samsung Korea via Engadget]

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