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The holidays are once again dawning upon us. The holiday rush has us going through security lines and overrunning the airport systems all around us. We have seen the TSA get a very bad rep lately, but they are simply doing their job. Funky Smugglers puts you in their shoes, and shows you just how hard it is to disarm everyone who walks through the terminal X-Ray machine… In a funky way anyways.


You start out at the starting level, and must work your way up to gain respect. Funky Smugglers works more as a mini-game than a story driven game that we are more used to. For a phone or mobile device, this mini-game style of gameplay works extremely well. The bad items are highlighted red, good items in green. Your job is simple, take the red, leave the green.


The objective is simple, grab all the red items, leave all the green; don’t screw up!

You look over waves of people that walk through the X-Ray machine picking off metallic items. Don’t let anyone get through though, or you lose health. With only 3 health points to spare, you must be quick and diligent. You work in a fast and efficient fashion taking hacksaws, spray cans, hammers, axes, scissors, and screw drivers from passengers boarding while letting them take on their apples, rubber duckies, apples, and other non-harmful items. Also watch out for the old grandma that throws a c*cktail of bombs!


Grab all those red things, yes, these people think they can sneak a saw by, show them who’s boss.

Every so often a mini-helicopter flys through with a powerup for you. What a mini-helicopter is doing in the airport is beyond me. However, it’s powerups can be quite useful. There are many powerups that are useful, magnetism allows you to clear the entire terminal with a single tap while slow-mo allows you to take your time grabbing the right items. At the same time, something like fast-mo can make the game tougher.


Powerups can be used to help you out… Or not.

Controls remain quite simple in the game. You can grab a single item by tapping on it. Grabbing multiple items at once is done through swiping and holding your finger through multiple items. Remember not to grab the green items. The more items you grab at once, the larger your combo will be leading to a larger score.

I really do wish that there would be some story to this. The game really relies on the use of missions, but no setup really tells you why you’re hear. Additionally, there are levels in the game, but you have to start from level 1 each time you play. There are unlockables allowing you to start at 9, but still, I would like to leave off where I left off.

Gameplay: ★★★★½



The in-game graphics are very fun.

The graphics are very simple in the game. The cartoonish graphics allow you to really relax and play the game while grabbing all the little random objects people try to bring on board. As the characters transition into the X-Ray machine, their outlines show, their bones expose, and the green and red objects glow. No, an apple wouldn’t show up on an x-ray, but who cares! The graphics are fun and get the idea across clearly.

Graphics: ★★★★★


When you start the game, you get a nice up-beat song to listen to that is nice and funky, they don’t call it funky smugglers for no reason. The song is very catchy and fun. Additionally, there are multiple tracks, so it never really gets tiresome. Sound effects remain abundant with an announcer calling out each power up you receive. There are sound effects for grabbing the right items and buzzers when you screw up. The audio in the game really brings the game together and keeps you playing.

Audio: ★★★★★


This game basically serves as replay. You are given missions, but they seem more extra than being part of the non-existent story. These mission in abundance with achievements keep you playing. There are leaderboards to allow you to strive to be the best too.


The missions serve as something to do.

As you take more items, you do get paid with a nice set of coins. These coins can be used to purchase a few unlockables which come in great use in-game allowing you to keep your combo for longer among other things. Everything bundled with the addictive qualities of the game really keep you playing.


The unlockables can be extremely useful. Keep playing to purchase them!

Replay: ★★★★★


This game costs a little under a buck. At this price, it’s bound to bring you hours upon hours of entertainment. The basis of the game is creative, and the control mechanisms are really built for a touch screen. The groovy beats keep you playing and the graphics tie in the entire gaming experience.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

So with the holidays coming up, travel almost inevitable. While you are waiting for the TSA to screen people through, why not take some time and play their role. In a less realistic, more fun fashion. Funky Smugglers is a nice, addictive game that has brought me hours of entertainment.

Overall Score


Funky Smugglers

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