14 Megapixel iPhone Camera Accessory Launching Next Week

Will.i.am – the “Director of Creative Innovation” at Intel - isn’t well-known for his interest in technology, though with this latest announcement, that may change. The front man for the Black Eyed Peas is said to be announcing an accessory to the iPhone that would connect through the dock connector (no word on whether that means the proprietary, more locked-down Lightning connector or last year’s 30-pin connector, though the first choice seems most likely), and offer various features of a higher-end, dedicated camera such as an improved flash. The sensor itself is said to be 14 megapixels – which does not, in any way, guarantee quality, although early reports from The Telegraph say that Mr. i.am claims that the accessory “dramatically enhances the clarity and definition of your photographs.”

This is reportedly the first in a series of products, and it’s unclear what this accessory will sell for or when it will be available to the public. Regardless, it looks to be interesting, and depending on how large the device is, it may become a very popular way to take better photographs on the go.

[The Telegraph]

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  1. It’ll be really interesting to see the form factor of this thing. Something like a battery sleeve would be my best guess for what it will look like.

  2. I’m left wondering; “How many people would really be interested and but this?”. I mean really, not many people use their phones as there main necessity for taking really good photos.

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