AnandTech’s iPad Mini Review

AnandTech’s iPad Mini Review

AnandTech has a reputation for providing some of the most in-depth, geeky reviews of products around, and that still is the case with their review of Apple’s latest tablet, the iPad mini. While they did arrive late to the review party, the review is far more detailed than those that did arrive on the day the embargo broke. Patience pays off, it seems.

The mini’s form factor is really where all of the innovation is. It’s thin, light and an almost perfect balance of functional screen size and portability. I really love this form factor. In my life, a tablet is really an augmentive device rather than something that takes the place of a larger notebook. As such, I actually want something even more portable than the current Retina iPad and the mini delivers just that….

From a performance standpoint, the iPad mini is basically the same as the iPad 2. You do lose out on the battery life front (especially compared to the newer 32nm iPad 2,4), but in terms of repsonsiveness the mini is no different. Thanks to just how power hungry the iPad 3 and 4 are, the mini’s battery life isn’t really much worse despite the significantly smaller battery….

Unlike most brand new ultramobile devices, I don’t necessarily see buying the mini today (vs. waiting for the 2nd generation) as a bad idea.

Those are just a few of the tidbits, and the review goes on to cover various aspects of the device in-depth (WiFi performance, anyone?). As such, AnandTech’s review of the iPad mini is a must-read.

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  1. So apparently the iPad 4 is 32 nm thick… less than one tenth the wavelength of violet light… okay AnandTech.

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