Instagram Breaks Records; Over 10M Photos Uploaded on Thanksgiving

Instagram has posted on their main blog that “photos of turkeys and pies took over” yesterday, as Americans became snap happy with their iPhones and Android devices. Over 10 million photos were uploaded — a new record — at rates up to 226 per second. Every minute, 13,560 photos were uploaded to the service — a number that almost reaches 1 million per hour if those rates had kept up all day.

If you consider previous knowledge that Instagram typically sees around 5 million photos uploaded in a day, almost 1 million per hour is huge. The service is pale in comparison to Facebook’s average 300 million daily photo-upload rate, but that’s a lot of the reason they bought it — there’s room to grow. American readers, did you take any great photos of food and turkeys yesterday? If so, share them in the comments!

[Instagram via The Next Web]

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  1. It’s all pictures of selfies and food with an overdose of Sepia and blur. Seriously, Instagram doesn’t make you a professional photographer. Please people stop using Sepia and blur and learn how to use a real DSLR camera/PhotoShop. (Also can iFans please switch back to posint comments as our iFans name, I hate Disque,etc. :(

    • You can still reply on the forums if you want :) . Just click on the “there also _ commments on the forums” link above or below the Disqus comments :)

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