Apple Drops Samsung as Battery Supplier

Apple has decided to no longer purchase batteries from Samsung for their future iPad and MacBook products, TechCrunch is reporting. The company has chosen Chinese Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery to supply their battery needs in the future. However, According to CEO Tim Cook on Apple’s most recent conference call, Samsung is going to continue supplying various components  for Apple at least into the near future, no matter how much they may strive to separate themselves from competitors.

Apple has long been in a patent battle with Samsung — as well as HTC and Google — but they’re component supply relationship with the Korean company seems to be unfaltering as of yet. Samsung is able to produce high quantities of high-quality components that Apple can’t find elsewhere, and they also have a contract binding them together that means we will most likely continue to see the companies working together for a long time to come. While today’s report does show that the companies are slowly moving apart, it’s going to be a while before you can buy an Apple product that contains no Samsung components.


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  1. 1) it was first the lawsuit

    2) then google maps

    3) not the battery

    ladies and gentlemen this is the end of apple as we know it

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