Do You Want LTE on the Nexus 4? Move to Canada

While our Black Friday deals probably aren’t as good up here in the true north, there might be another reason to considering moving up to Canada. According to multiple sources, including XDA Developers and Engadget, the Nexus 4 is able to connect to LTE networks in Canada.

A number of customers on Telus, one of the larger carriers in Canada, are reporting be able to obtain 4G speeds by dialing¬†*#*#4636#* to access the test menu. Customers can choose from solely LTE or a mix of LTE, GSM and CDMA. The trick is that LTE Band 4 must be available, which doesn’t appear to be the case in the United Kingdom or certain parts of the United States. A video demonstration follows.¬†

Sources: Engadget, XDA Developers

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  1. Are you talking about the hat on America that mooches our stuff :P ?
    Anyway it’s cool that Canada gets something first for once. I still hate Canada.

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