Microsoft Has a Wearable Computing Project in The Works

Microsoft has a wearable computing platform in active development in its Microsoft Research R&D labs. Microsoft Research has brought forth various innovations, including some of the most ergonomic keyboards, the Kinect, and recently various processes used in manufacturing the Surface tablet. Wearable computing is widely regarded as the next generation, though no viable product has yet been launched.

Google has announced a similar project, known as ‘Project Glass,’ though it isn’t on sale yet and not much is known about it. ‘Project Glass’ should be more widely unveiled in the next year, though a sales date is difficult to predict. It’s likely that Microsoft – a company who has historically been interested in hands-free use of computers – is hoping to unveil their own product and go toe-to-toe with Google’s ‘Project Glass.’

Regardless, it will be interesting to see if these products can gain traction in the smartphone- and tablet-dominated world we live in.


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