Sparrow Updated to Support iPhone 5, Passbook

Sparrow – one of the most popular email clients on iOS – received an update today that adds support for the larger iPhone 5 screen, along with integration with Passbook. The support for the 4″ iPhone 5 and iPod touch screen is rather straightforward, though the integration with Passbook is more interesting. Sparrow will automatically recognize .pkpass attachments, and will push them to Passbook when they are tapped. It’s actually a rather interesting, useful way to manage tickets – this is one of the more practical uses of Passbook that I’ve seen in a third-party app.

According to The Next Web, the update was pushed back from earlier this month because of the Sparrow team’s use of private APIs to enable rich-text formatting on iOS 5. Sparrow was acquired by Google earlier this year, and development of the popular iOS app has slowed considerably, though this update proves that the team is still interested in keeping the popular Gmail client functional on the latest Apple hardware and software. Sparrow is also available for Mac.


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